Depending on the kind of business you are engaging in, barcode scanners are becoming an essential gadget in the daily operations. Whether it is determining inventory levels or checking out customers at the self-service till barcode scanners come in handy in ensuring smooth business processes.

Barcode scanners come in different sizes and shapes. Some are hands-free, while others are handheld. The decision on which is appropriate is guided by many factors including reliability, compatibility and usability. In this article, read about some popular handheld models you may introduce into your business.

Brainydeal USB Scanner

The Brainydeal USB scanner is a top gadget that fits into your business operations due to its ease of operability and smart design. The key features of this scanner are that it comes with a clear and simple installation manual. Additionally, the scanner has a high capability with a scan rate of a hundred scans per second. The Brainydeal USB scanning gadget is available at top online retailers. Also, for all its excellent web hosting features, comes at a fairly reasonable price and is worth considering.

Honeywell Voyager 1202G

The Voyager 1202G comes with a free battery replacement tool hence enhancing its reliability and efficiency. It has a scan rate of 100 codes per minute. Due to the high frequency and cutting edge technology, it has a unique capability of reading unclear labels successfully. If lost or misplaced, the Honeywell Voyager paging mode comes in handy to locate it. The downside is that it is a bit pricey as compared to the Brainydeal USB scanner.

NADAMOO Wireless Scanner

This scanner has a dual advantage of being wireless and capable of USB connectivity. A further advantage is the long wireless range with the capability of over 300 feet and 0.24 miles outdoors and indoors, respectively. It also has a high capacity for storing scans safely and capability for uploading the scans into computer programmes.